supporting our local yoga community during the health criss 

Many of you have asked how you can help. We are so grateful for all the calls, emails and messages asking how we are doing. Many of you are wondering how you can help borealis and our amazing team of wellness professionals.

The best way to support us and other small businesses is to continue to use our services, and being our beloved customers. Join our Online Membership, or share it with someone you know. Write a review on Google to share with others how much you love borealis and your other favorite businesses.

Below, we're connecting you to some of our team members and their personal projects. You might want to book a Zoom Reiki session with Josh. Or check out Yinh's super scary podcast. Download Sylvia's guided mindfulness recordings. Or buy some handcrafted jewelry from Linda and Loni. Or maybe it's time to sign up for a life-changing session with Veronica. ;)

Cheerleading is encouraged and helps more than you know. If you are so moved and able, you are welcome to send donations through Venmo to @borealisyoga, which will be distributed to the team members who are working to share their gifts with you in our Online Membership while our studio is closed. 

Donations to borealis through Venmo will be distributed to team members who are continuing to share their gifts in the Online Membership.

@borealisyoga (phone code: 1351)



Some of our team members have personal projects. Reach out to them and book a one-on-one session or shop for some new jewelry. There's lots of talent here.

Linda Devincentis - Gemstone Jewelry Maker + Yoga Teacher

Sylvia DiLorenzo - Mindfulness + Yoga Teacher

Greta Fiorina - Kids + Family Yoga Teacher

Tim Griffin - Personal Trainer + Yoga Teacher

Riley Kathleen - Talented Photographer + Acro Yoga Teacher

Yinh Kiefer - Therapeutic Masseuse Extraordinaire, Meditation Guide, + Stay Scary Podcast Host

Loni Paul - Fine Jewelry Maker + Yoga Teacher

Josh Schmidt - Reiki Healer + Meditation Teacher

Christine Tresselt - Divine Yoga Teacher

Veronica Wolff-Casey - All around life-changer, I mean Ayurvedic Health Practitioner + Yoga Teacher

Thank you for supporting us and other small businesses during the health crisis. We are so grateful for you.